The olive production chain

Since 1997, our oil mill has followed the whole production process through traditional techniques with a constant investment in new technologies in order to achieve the highest quality standards. 

The harvest

In the territory of Abruzzo, the harvest is carried out in the months ranging from October until December, considering the best moment to be when the process of ripening (the transformation of the color of the fruit from green color, to violet, to black) is at 50-60% of the cycle.

Transportation and storage.

Our oil mill is able to manage high incoming olive flows so for this reason that it can guarantee the beginning of the processing phase no later than 24 hours from harvest. Furthermore, before the processing, we make sure that the olives are not bruised, moldy or shriveled and have been transported and stored away in crates to shelter from rain and to allow the olives a minimum “suffocation” and a maximum ventilation.

Washing and Defoliation

The first phase of the olive processing in the oil mill is the defoliation, which is eliminating branches and leaves that would modify the organoleptic properties of the oil negatively.

Milling, Malaxation and Extraction

They constitute the most important phases of the production chain as they are decisive for the quality of the oil.
These are the phases in which  the activation of the kit enzymatic of the fruit takes place, that catalyzes various biochemical reactions that are the basis of the sensory and health characteristics of the extra virgin olive oil.In our oil mill, the latter takes place with using temperatures that do not exceed 27 ° in general (this is called cold malaxation) and for a time of about 30 minutes, thus maximizing the organoleptic, olfactory and taste characteristics of the oil.


The oil obtained from the separation process is the finished product; however, if it is turbid due to the natural solid residue contained in it. For this, before placing it on the market, it is generally let to rest in special steel drums at a controlled temperature until the product becomes clear in a natural way. Following this process, our extra virgin olive oil will be bottled in bottles and tins, which preserve taste, color and tradition.