Abruzzo Oil

Mare e Monti Line

Mare e Monti”  tells of a family, our family, which owns an olive grove of about 4 hectares where 1000 olive trees of mixed varieties have flourished for centuries, including Gentile di Chieti, Leccino, Moraiolo and Leccio del Corno, from which we obtain a authentic and genuine Abruzzo oil.

The olive grove is nestled between our districts in the municipality of Gissi, in Abruzzo, where there are magnificent sceneries that lead to a better southern exposure at the highest point, thus avoiding the establishment of humidity that is not tolerated by our olive trees. Our soils are well drained and of medium texture enriched with good doses of organic matter, ideal for the cultivation of European Olea. The olives produced by our family with passion and daily dedication are harvested in the months from October to December, considering the best time to be the one in which the veraison process (the change in color of the fruit that gives a green color, passing through the purplish, turns black) is 50-60% of the cycle. The olive harvest takes place manually and by means of pneumatic harvesters with extendable rods, reducing the risk of damage to the plant and the olives.
This Abruzzo oil denotes a pleasant perception of softness; the bitter and spicy sensations are light and in balance with each other, everything is well dosed without giving rise to disharmonies. This oil is suitable for those looking for a condiment that is both delicate and decisive, as well as aromatic and tasty, as it has very low levels of acidity, a very intense aroma and a rich flavor that stimulates and enhances the perception of the taste of the dishes on which it is used. Suitable for flavoring legume soups, bruschetta and salads, but also widely used in a pan and on baked goods.