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An autonomous production is a source of great pride for our company. We personally take care of each stage in our oil mill to maintain a standard of purity and quality above the average market.

This oil is obtained exclusively from the “Gentile di Chieti” cultivar, it is green in color with a medium intensity fruitiness and a good balance of bitter and spicy. Excellent for seasoning dishes with a rich and decisive taste, such as soups, legumes and bruschetta.

Monocultivar BIO

“Mare e Monti” tells of a family, our family, who has owned for centuries an olive grove of about 4 hectares where 1000 olive trees of mixed variety between Gentile di Chieti, Leccino, Moraiolo and Leccio del Corno grow. This oil is suitable to those looking for a delicate and decisive seasoning, as well as aromatic and savory, because It has very low levels of acidity, a very intense aroma and a rich flavor that stimulates and enhances the taste perception of the dishes on which it is used. Suitable for flavoring soupslegumes, bruschetta and salads, but also widely used in the pan and on baked goods.

Mare e Monti

It is obtained from the fruits of the olive tree of the Gentile varieties of Chieti, Leccino, Moraiolo, in different percentages. The maximum yield of olives in oil cannot exceed 22%. This oil is characterized by a maximum total acidity level of 0.6 g per 100 g of oil.

DOP “Colline Teatine”

Our Flavored Oils are condiments made from extra virgin olive oil obtained from the contemporary pressing of olives and aroma. Available in Limone and Basil flavors, Rosemary and Chili Pepper.


The Novello Oil comes from the first squeezing of the season and is immediately bottled to preserve its lively fragrance and its intense flavor of freshly pressed olives.

Novello Oil

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