The love for land has been passed on from generation to generation.Our Family-owned factory farm extends on the hills of Abruzzo where cereal is mainly produced. In the last decade it has been decided to make a radical change by introducing biological agriculture, which uses the natural fertility of the soil. It promotes the biodiversity of the environment in which it operates and excludes all uses of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. The strength of this farm is the genuineness of the products made with love, the combination of tradition and technology serving the biological agriculture producing seeds, forage and cereal and the particular care for wheat. In order to guarantee a quality product the family-owned farm uses the collaboration of mills and noodle factories which still use traditional techniques and with their help a durum wheat “semolato”pasta was obtained (highly digestible). This pasta is dried at low temperatures which is necessary to preserve the starch characteristics of pasta, giving it that unique taste of the old traditional pasta, guaranteeing the ability to absorb the different sauces.